Terms of Use

Welcome to the spaceship that will bring you to borderless spaces of joy and riches! Please do not neglect to learn the rules that every casino traveler must follow. We must expound on the following points:

  • Identity verification;
  • Actions with inactive accounts;
  • Customer details;
  • Deposits conditions;
  • Withdrawals conditions;
  • Prohibited actions.

Please note that the support functions 24/7. Thus, you may request extra elucidation and clarification. Now, let us begin.

Identity Verification

Verification is a necessary action that guarantees your safety. When registering, please certify that:

  1. You are older than 18 y.o. which is equal to being at a legal age that allows gambling.
  2. The submitted details about you are correct and do not need major rectifying.
  3. You are the rightful owner of financial resources on the account.
  4. The jurisdiction of your country allows gambling.
  5. The deposited resources have no connection to illegal actions.

We can detect suspicious activity such as money laundering only with the mentioned details. If we detect any unlawful activity, we have the right to allow third parties (official institutions) to learn the information. The investigation might send the fixed details to authorities to continue the examination.

You consent to verification when registering. We might need materials to verify your identity if official authorities need that for investigation. We never intend to share the details with unauthorized alien parties who have no reasons to learn your data. If we cannot verify your identity, we have the right to restrict your account up to erasure.

Actions with Inactive Accounts

There are three main types of activities on the website:

  • Depositing;
  • Withdrawing;
  • Gaming.

If the account owner does not perform any of the listed actions for 12 months, we have the right to charge extra for maintenance. The administration takes resources from the actual account balance for that. If the account does not have any resources, we have the right to erase it without further support.

If the player fails to login and perform any action, the mentioned mechanism starts its performance. We notify you before taking any actions. Thus, you will receive an email with a reminder that we might charge or close the account you own.

We may also contact you to attempt to return your resources before closing the account. Yet, if the establishment does not receive a response, we have the right to charge and then close the account.

Customer Details

We use up-to-date technologies to protect every detail you provide. Yet, please note that you must not share your information with unauthorized parties as those might have malicious intents. So, do not mention your email/login, password, and other details that might give access to your account to intruders. Do not post and text it, even if you get that request from parties that pretend to be a part of our group.

Deposits Conditions

Playing on the website is possible only after depositing. The minimal deposit a player may perform is $10. You can deposit by using:

  • Credit/debit cards;
  • E-wallets;
  • Instant banking;
  • Bank transfers;
  • Prepaid cards.

All deposits are instant.

Please make sure that you use a source that belongs solely to you. If we detect that your card does not belong to you, we might commence an investigation. We might also send extra credits to your account when you obtain certain bonuses. Please learn the conditions of every bonus you obtain.

Also, note that your account does not have protection from banking systems and insurances.

Withdrawals Conditions

You may demand a withdrawal at any moment if:

  • There were no canceled deposits;
  • There were no charged-back resources;
  • There were no reversed operations.

The withdrawal limit per week is $5500, except for progressive jackpot cases where zero limitations are actual. Also, note that VIP members have a higher withdrawal limit. Bonus money is not for withdrawals.

Please note that you are the only subject responsible for reporting your income to authorities. We do not notify local taxes about our player's operations.

Also, please pay attention that banking processes might delay your replenishments. Thus:

  • Withdrawing with Credit/Debit Cards takes from 1 to 3 days;
  • Bank transfers take from 3 to 5 days;
  • Other withdrawals are instant.

If the owner of a dormant account intends to recover resources, that inquiry goes to the support system. The support launches examination, which might lead to resource restoration.

Also, note that withdrawals require a 2% fee for the processing. Yet, charges might be less in certain scenarios. Still, requesting a withdrawal means accepting the 2% fee.

Prohibited Actions

There is a list of actions a player must not take that consists of:

  • Sharing account credentials and information with third parties;
  • Cheating by exploitation of system faults;
  • Using bots to exploit errors;
  • Using stolen and cloned money resources (for instance, a card that does not belong to a player);
  • Money laundering;
  • Transferring money to several accounts.

Doing anything from the list means losing all credits and the opportunity to communicate with us. Also, we may notify official institutions about suspicious activity. That commences an investigation by authorities. We are not responsible for any damage to suspicious accounts and their owners.

You consent to avoid taking the prohibited actions when you register. Don't hesitate to contact us if you notice suspicious activity!