Privacy Policy

We welcome you on our spaceship that will take you to the universe of gambling! Here is information about your privacy when you set off to see planets of riches. We hope you do not miss a rule so that nothing hinders your stellar journey. Thus, we must explain:

  • What information about you do we collect;
  • How we use the data pieces;
  • Disclosing the data;
  • Your axiomatic rights;
  • Security for your data;
  • Contact us for clarifications.

Now, let us begin!

What Information About You Do We Collect

The system requires your data so that you can use the website. First and foremost, those pieces of data are:

  • The email that you have used for registration;
  • Your password;
  • The country you mentioned during registration;
  • Your phone number (even if you have submitted an invalid one).

Also, the website will memorize your card details to make transactions more convenient. That means gathering:

  • Undertook transactions information (date, time, and so on);
  • Details of the used card;
  • Information about the games you picked;
  • The location from where you were playing;
  • IP data;
  • Visited pages;
  • Clicked links etc.

Your history of communications is also relevant for website maintenance and our work. Thus, we also store information about your:

  • Open chat messaging (with other website guests and the support);
  • Profile comments;
  • Open forum messaging.

Sometimes, your information appears in our database if you consent to data usage while interacting with our partners. Those informational pieces (like social media details) are vital to enhance our services and create offers for you.

How We Use the Data Pieces

All the data pieces are vital for various reasons. We use the gathered information according to GDPR to provide stable and high-quality services. Thus, we use the data to:

  • Manage your account, including deposits and withdrawals confirmation;
  • Provide services' personalization;
  • Process your demands and requirements and give a helpful answer;
  • Notify you about relevant updates;
  • Fulfill regulatory requirements;
  • Verify the accuracy of your information for the best services;
  • Protect you from unlawful actions by suspected fraudsters;
  • Manage audience research;
  • Fix statistics that are relevant for research and services enhancements.

Disclosing The Data

We never allow alien third parties to interact with your information. Our managers do not intend to sell/disclose your information to suspicious users, hackers, and crackers. So, we are not sharing a piece of your data without your consent. The only representatives that may learn your information are:

  • Our employees who manage the services;
  • Sibling companies within the group that contribute to providing services to you;
  • Payment processors and official institutions (for instance, banks);
  • Detectors and prevention of fraud;
  • Success estimators and advisors;
  • Law enforcement, but only if they provide reasoning to access your data;
  • Investors and purchasers that are a part of our group.

Yet again, we never disclose your details if there is no reason to learn your information. Mostly, your data pieces are vital for services providing and website maintenance.

Your Axiomatic Rights

Every participant in the data maintenance respects your privacy. In addition, you can always restrict data usage for us because you are the rightful owner of your data pieces. According to GDPR, right now or later, you can:

  • Determine our access to your information;
  • Rectify your details to make them more accurate;
  • Erase your data and restrict us from collecting it;
  • Limit the processing operations;
  • Object processing operations;
  • Port your data;
  • Complain to authorities if data collectors violate laws;
  • Withdraw consent.

Note that all the actions lead to losing your account and the bonuses attached. If we have no vital information to manage your account, you will not have the means to use the website. Still, you are the main subject who determines our data usage.

Security For Your Data

Our team and the whole group use up-to-date protection systems to ensure the safety of your information. Thus, we have the tools to prevent:

  • Informational losses;
  • Data misusage;
  • Unauthorized access by alien parties;
  • Unmotivated data disclosure to third parties;
  • System failures.

Every piece of data we receive from you remains stored in the database confidentially. Only governmental institutions and official authorities might have access to your data. Still, that does not happen without relevant reasoning.

Please make sure that you do not share your confidential information willingly or by mistake. No up-to-date protection system can prevent breaches when you give your details to alien users! Remember that third parties you meet might have malicious intentions. Thus, do not talk about your logins, passwords, locations, etc.

If the breach occurs, we will notify you momentarily according to the rules of law.

Contact Us for Clarifications

If you encounter any issues with the clarification, don't hesitate to contact our support for extra explanation. The support functions 24/7. The fastest and most secure way is using the in-website support chat, as it has extra encryption.